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I Shouldn’t Have to Say This… is the chaotic-good, pragmatic political podcast where co-hosts Nicole and Janra wade into the the depths of political discourse with one goal, move progressive politics forward. We talk praxis, optics, and occasionally, as a treat, have some fun.

You can join us twice a month for new episodes anywhere where you listen to podcasts.

About the Co-Hosts

Nicole (Co-Host/Writer, She/Hers)

Nicole is a writer, podcaster, Twitter gremlin Midwesterner, and fan of things that makes sense. Since her case of being online became terminal in 2017 she has spent her time as an organizer in online communities, blogger, freelance game reviewer, marketing specialist, streamer, and now, just as a treat, a podcaster on I Shouldn’t Have to Say This. Though you wouldn’t expect this, she considers herself to have a bright disposition and her main goal in most things is to build a better world however she can. She also hates writing about herself in third person. Can you tell?

Twitter: @jackof3trades
Twitch: Jackof3trades

Janra (Co-Host/Producer, He/His)

Janra has been interested in the news since he was a teenager back in the early 18th century. Starting out as a centrist capitalist, he has since grown to understand and champion Progressive politics. In 2013 he started his first show Press Start to Continue at Valley Free Radio in Northampton, MA. A couple years later he co-founded Civil Politics, then created the Planetside Podcast Network – a collection of radio shows and podcasts that serve to teach, entertain, and spur the imagination.

Twitter: @PressStartLock
Twitch: PressStartMorlock