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Month: January 2021

Year 2 Ep. 11: Civil Politics Special: Rid Us of the Poison Before We Can Heal

Yer hosts are TIRED! So we’re taking a bit of a break, but we didn’t want to leave without a show this week, so here is an episode of another show on the Planeside Podcast Network: Civil Politics! This is a weekly discussion show that airs every Friday and is uploaded to podcast every Monday. It features a Democrat (Michael) a Republican (Sue) and an Independent (Janra), and we try to talk about politics in a way that elevates and educates without devolving into madness and shouting.

Hope you enjoy! If you do go to and subscribe!

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Year 2 Ep. 10: Its OK to Not Be Consistent

The attack on the Capitol Building on Jan 6th, 2021 brings so much into question. We thought it would be good to try and sort out our feelings about what is happening, what’s going to happen, and how we as a nation should respond. This has brought up a lot of conflicting feelings, especially for those of us on the left…. And that’s ok.

Its ok to not be consistent.

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